Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More From G-Fest XXI

Here are a bunch more pictures from G-Fest and our trip to Chicago.  While we were in Chicago, we tried Lou Malnati's Pizza.  In a previous post, I asked if it was the best in Chicago.  Well, it may be good pizza, but we still love Giordano's better.  While it is technically a stuffed pizza, it has the best taste of any pizza I've had, anywhere.  That said, Malnati's is still very good.

Melody enjoying her Malnati's pizza.

Oh, no, a fight in the hallway of the hotel between Titanasaurus and a miniature Godzilla!

...and King Kong walks by after partying all night...

The Pickwick, where we saw the legendary concert, "Ifukube 100".

Another great year at G-Fest XXI!

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