Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Major Loss and Weekend Round-Up

Received the news today that Stephen Namie, the worship and music director at our church, Grace Community, passed away yesterday.  He had been at the Renaissance Festival in Crownsville, MD, when he apparently had a heart attack.  He leaves a wife and two adopted daughters, ages 9 and 2.  It is a horrible loss for his family, as well as for the church community.  He was an integral part of the worship experience each week, and he really exemplified a love of our Lord.  Personally, I wasn't very close with him, but we had worked together multiple times on videos and speaking during services, and he was very knowledgeable and professional.  I feel so badly for his wife and family.  I pray for the Lord's protection and comfort on them.

Whenever I hear about a loss like this one, I'm reminded again of my wife's death.  It was under such similar circumstances.  Teresa and I were out walking one evening with our infant daughter and Faithful Pup Scout, when she suddenly collapsed right in front of me.  I later found out she had an undiagnosed heart condition that led to her having a massive heart attack and enlarged heart.  Losing Teresa was just horrible, and I'm still feeling the repercussions of her death every time I look at my daughter, and see the empty spot on the other side of my bed.  Teresa was my best friend and such a wonderful partner.  I miss her everyday.


After arriving home from Williamsburg, VA, yesterday, we were exhausted and I half expected us to go straight to bed.  We didn't, and we actually stayed up until 1 a.m.!  I don't know why.  These late nights always mess me up, and this one was no exception.  I didn't wake up until about 10 a.m., and even then, I stayed in bed snoozing for another hour.  That was when Faithful Pup Scout began to choke.  I recognize the signs every time, and know that she is about to throw up.  I reacted too slowly, though, and she let loose...all over me and the bed.

After cleaning up, I had to rush the pup outside for her morning constitutional.  Then it was time to wake up.  It turned into a lazy Sunday.  I was happy to watch some football, though my Melody ended up being a bit bored.  The good news was that my Pittsburgh Steelers seem to be getting themselves back to being competitive, and they beat rival Baltimore today, 19-16.  That would usually be enough to put me in a great mood for the entire weekend, but being able to sneak in a nap on top of that really worked well for me.  I'm trying to psych myself up for a difficult week at work, and the extra rest really helps.

Lord, thank you for this wonderful weekend.  Thanks for time spent with my family, a great time at Busch Gardens and in Williamsburg, your safety and good health for most of the weekend (aside from moments of illness that seemed to hit many of us).  Thank you for good weather, too.  I pray for your presence during the coming week, and that it will go as well as possible for all of us.  Thank you, Lord!  Amen.

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