Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Getting A-head During the Furlough

Today turned into a challenging day in so many ways, which was unfortunate given how beautiful it was outside.  While Capitol Hill continued to mindlessly fight over who can be the most stubborn and blame the other guys while claiming they're on "our" side, a few of your federal "excepted" employees are hard at work keeping America's airports, airlines, and airplanes open and running without getting paid, but doing it because they are dedicated and they CARE.

My employees returned to work on Friday and while it was unanimous that they were happy to be back, they are scared, frustrated, and disappointed that there continues to be so much uncertainty about their jobs, particularly whether and when they will see another paycheck.  I've spent most of my days in high level meetings trying to determine a course of action should the government shutdown continue for another week, or another month, or another day, while at the same time trying to counsel my employees, bribe their good nature with donuts and bagels, and hope we're not shutdown again, or made "unexcepted" again and watch the airline industry grind to a halt.  That's our reality.


We sent Faithful Pup Scout off to my in-law's place for the week.  They decided it would be nice to get her groomed, so it was off to PetsMart they went.  Unfortunately, her records were not up-to-date, and they said they couldn't groom her unless she had her rabies shot.  So, while I was sitting in meeting after meeting, my mom-in-law was calling me trying to get Scout's information straight.  At one point, I had her on hold while I talked to one of my management team, and I got confused and sent him to get his shots and my MIL to update that airway on the San Antonio Sectional.  When all was said and done, though, Scout came through with a snazzy trim and bath, and my manager is good for 3 years on his vaccinations.


Yesterday, my father came over to help me celebrate the Columbus Day (not a) Holiday furlough day by putting together my daughter's brand-new IKEA-bought bunk bed!  It is really nice, and given how small her room is, it will provide more floor space for her.  Putting it together really was a two-man job, and I'm thankful for Dad's help.  After several steps in the build, we actually had it looking like a bunk bed, and we began putting pieces of the bed together that were over our heads.  Unfortunately, the bed was just high enough to be out of our direct line of eyesight, it was just low enough that we both began bumping our heads on it.  And not just once or twice, but dozens of times.  Dad was afraid it was due to his age, but he felt a lot better when he realized that excuse wasn't going to work for both of us.  At one point, I hit my head so hard, I saw stars, and not the Hollywood kind.  I had to sit down and make sure there was no blood.  If you've read some of my older blog posts, you may already know that I have a history of head injuries, so if I begin not making sense, I may need medical help.

Anyway, with Dad's help, we finally finished the bed.  It only took about 4 and a half hours.  And the only negative at this point is that the bed is so close to the ceiling, my poor daughter can't sit up at all.  We may have to take a saw to the legs to lower the thing just a bit.  Which is perfect for me...I'm sure I haven't hit my head on it for the last time.


My dating profile continues to be tweaked, I have a few pictures up, and I actually have about a half-dozen views from potential dates.  Unfortunately, only one has actually shone enough interest as to want to pursue a date, and the young lady is as far from being a match for me as spinach is to chocolate.  But I'm committed to making this work.  I've paid up for three months, so I'll either be miserable for three months, or maybe I'll get lucky.  And I don't mean in THAT way...I'm talking literal luck luck.


If I have concussion, that might explain why I'm so tired.  However, it might just mean that I'm, you know, really tired.  So I'm turning in.

Have a great evening, everyone!

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