Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Prayer For My Employees

Heavenly Father,

Thank you so much for this wonderful day.  So much is happening right now, and I have so much I want to ask for, but I can't help but praise you for what has already happened.  There has been so much uncertainty over the past few weeks regarding the Federal Government shutdown, and so many of my employees have been out of work.  And while there are still so many who still face uncertainty, I'm thankful that my employees will be able to return to work in the morning, that our mission, which is unique in the government, will continue as we serve the American public.  We have much to do.  You can't be out of work for this long without things backing up, so we have our work cut out for us.  But I know, through you, we will be able to meet the challenge.  So, Lord, thank you for making this possible.

I ask that you keep my employees safe as they drive in to work in the morning, that you will fill them with an inner excitement which will motivate them to do their best work, and that all aspects of our restart will go smoothly.  It isn't easy to resuscitate an organization that has been shutdown like it has, and to bring it back to life will take time and energy, but I'm hopeful that you will provide that and more and we will find ourselves back in our familiar positions.  Thank you for my colleagues, Greg, George, Eric, Debra, and Kasey, as well as my boss, Abby, and her boss, Lynn.  The past week, while things were shutdown, we were in the office trying to get a plan in place for this moment, and all of this planning has proved fruitful, as we are ready for what we need to do tomorrow.  Thank you for my managers, Terry, Guy, Rick, Ron, Nate, Adam, and Chi, who will carry out the plan tomorrow, and thank you for their faith in me.

Thank you, Lord, for your continued blessings on us all.  I pray now for a restful night's sleep, and another wonderful day tomorrow.  Thank you for my family, my daughter, my friends and loved ones.  You know their needs, and I ask that you please be with each of them.  Thank you for health, safety, and happiness.  I ask for all of this in Jesus' name.


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