Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Bee

Another Halloween is upon us!  My daughter, Melody, like most kids, LOVES Halloween.  She loves picking out a costume, she loves decorating (and gets mad at me because I don't go all out like my oughta see THEIR place!  Scary decorations all over the place, things in the yard, headless man sitting on the front porch, scary music and sound effects, scaring little and big kids out of their britches...Dad does it right!)...and Melody loves trick-or-treating best of all.  She was excited this year because I let her go out with a friend instead of going with me or my sister.  It made her feel "grown up", I guess....or as grown up as you can be dressed in a silly costume..

Anyway, she went as a Bumblebee this year.  She looked pretty great!  She even had the black and gold color scheme of our Pittsburgh sports teams, except it reminded me too much of the Steelers' throwback uniforms.  You know the ones.  Even if you aren't a football fan, I'm sure you've seen the atrocious black and gold vertically-striped prison attire that the team wears for special occasions.  Here you go:

I got into the act, too, and wore a costume, sort of.  I went out as a Pirate.  Actually, I'm a Pittsburgh Pirate.  All of the sports jerseys of my favorite teams sure come in handy at Halloween!

So round 1 is done.  We're headed over to Mom & Dad's for round 2.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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