Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Man of Few Words

Slept soundly.  Alarm sounds.  Dream interrupted.  Snooze button.  Up early.  Got ready.  Cold morning.  To work.  Made coffee.  Answered questions.  Big meeting.  All day.  Making plans.  Solving problems.  World peace.  Protecting the NAS.  Working lunch.  Major decisions.  Worked late.  Dinner out.  Joined colleagues.  Good time.  Drove home.  Heavy traffic.  Home alone.  Quiet house.  Phone call.  Lovely daughter.  Miss her.  With grandparents.  TV Tivo.  BROOKLYN NINE-NINE.  Funny show.  GROWING UP FISHER.  New show.  Great cast.  THE BLACKLIST.  Riveting episode.  Great show.  Hungry.  Cereal snack.  Mini Wheats.  Faithful Pup.  Good company.  Paying bills.  Checking email.  Reading Facebook.  Enjoying Instagram.  Updating Twitter.  Writing blog.  Getting tired.  Nearing bedtime.  Walking Scout.  Sleep calling.  Filling CPAP.  Setting alarms.  So tired.  Eyes heavy.  Body exhausted.  Muscles relaxed.  Blankets cozy.  Dreams beckoning.  Prayerful moment.  Thanking God.  Eyes closed.

Missing my girl...

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