Monday, March 17, 2014

Things That Make Me Ask, "Why?"

Why did Howard County announce a 2-hour delay for tomorrow (Tuesday)?  My daughter is so disappointed that the schools are delayed again.  This means she will miss her first rehearsal with the full fourth grade band originally scheduled for tomorrow. She has been looking forward to it for a while now, and has been practicing her clarinet and gearing up for their Spring concert.  The delay only means the rehearsal will be later, but she is really disappointed.  We drove around the area this afternoon to check on things, and it appears that the roads are fine, and the sidewalks seem clear.  I know there are probably other parts of the county that may not be in good shape, but that isn't helping ease my daughter's disappointment.

Why is it so hard for me to introduce myself to an attractive, single stranger?  My introverted nature gets in the way anytime I'm in this situation.  And while I don't condone walking up to a stranger at a store, like, say, Target, I can't help but notice there is an inordinate number of very attractive ladies who appear to fit the bill.  I just can't get the nerve up to say anything to them.  Where else can you meet people, though?  I don't go to bars or clubs.  I don't drink.  I'm sad to say that walking up to a stranger at my church is even a bit awkward, and that's where I would want to meet someone.  The other issue is that I'm a very poor judge of age, and that makes me even more gun shy.

Why does our society celebrate newsworthy things that may have been scandalous a few decades ago?  Today was a snow day, so I found myself watching the TODAY SHOW on NBC.  I know they were biased since it was one of their own, but they showed some clips from the recent wedding of one of the shows hosts.  She announced at her reception that she was four month's pregnant.  The guests went wild and began yelling their approval through the celebration.  I was surprised.  I guess I'm in the minority in not believing in sex-before-marriage.  I realize that it's looked at as an acceptable practice by much of our society, but I can't help be feel disappointed that it's celebrated.  But how else are the guests going to react when the bride makes such an announcement, clearly expecting a show of support?  I don't know.  I guess I am too old fashioned and out of touch with modern society.  And I guess I'm just too judgmental, as well.

Why does my little lovable dog decide to wait until I am just getting ready to eat my first bite of dinner to begin barking incessantly at me to let me know that she needs to go outside RIGHT NOW!  It doesn't seem to matter what time we eat dinner, which can vary between 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.  She picks that one moment to need to go.  She didn't start doing this until about a month ago.  Previously, she seemed to be fine between her trips outside after we arrived home from work/school and just before bedtime.  That has changed, though.  I feel like the poor mother on A CHRISTMAS STORY, who, as Ralphie describes, hasn't had a hot meal in years because everyone else asks for things just before she gets to take a bite of her own food.  My daughter does this to me, too.  I'll get her dinner prepared and she'll be eating it, and as soon as I sit down with my food, she begins to ask for a glass of water, or a second helping of this or that, or a napkin.  It's almost funny.  Almost.

Why does stress have to be so stressful?  Today was a snow day, and the Federal Government shut down in the Washington, DC, area.  I spent the entire day worried about the work that I wasn't getting done, and knowing my boss, she'll wonder why I didn't work anyway.  It was a day off that I had nothing to do with.  It wasn't like I intentionally took off from work.  I was forbidden from going in due to the weather.  But all I did was worry about it.  My worrying causes stress.  The stress causes my body to hurt, my blood pressure to rise, my diabetes to fluctuate due to my inconsistent diet caused by worry, and I make myself sick.  For what?  For something that I have no control over.  How frustrating is that?

Why?  Why why why why why?  I don't know.  *sigh*

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