Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pi Day Romance

Ooooooh, the dating world is very hard.  You really never know what is going to happen, and though I've had very little success, it has been exciting.  I've shared with my colleagues my frustrations over this, and they've been sympathetic.  In fact, my Office Administrator (OA), Miss K, decided to do something about it.  She is a beautiful, smart, and talented young lady who has a lot of beautiful, smart, and talented friends.  She has one particular friend named Mary who she determined might be a good match for me.  So she put a plan into place to do something about that.

Miss K and Mary know each other through the company they work for.  Miss K works as a contractor at our office.  She had a conversation recently with Mary where Mary told her she was frustrated by her dating life, and wanted to find a nice, steady guy to settle down with.  Miss K figured I fit the bill, and set up a meeting at our office that would bring Mary in and we could be introduced.  She didn't tell me about her plan.

On Friday, I returned from a meeting to my office.  Miss K was at her desk just outside my office with a smirk on her face.  I knew to be suspicious.  Miss K has a hard time keeping secrets.  I asked her what was happening.  She smiled and said, "Nothing..."  I knew better, and asked her again, a little more firmly.  It was at that moment that I heard a pleasant though unfamiliar voice coming from Gary's office.  Gary was one of the managers under me.  I again asked Miss K what was going on, and she finally told me.  She said she had a colleague here for a meeting to discuss a charity golf tournament that her company was having.  Mary was organizing it, and Miss K was helping her.  That's when the real story came out.

Miss K, was playing matchmaker.  She briefly told me about Mary, and that she had shown her a picture of me and she was interested.  I had to run off to another meeting, so I wasn't able to meet her at that moment, but I saw her standing in the doorway of Gary's office.  She looked young.  Too young.  Like, 20-something young.  Maybe 30, tops.  I told Miss K I would be back in an hour.

After my meeting, several of my employees planned a little party for Pi Day.  Pi, or 3.14159 for short, was being held on March 14, at 1:59 p.m.  To celebrate, many had brought in pies.  We had banana cream, pumpkin, sweet potato, lemon meringue, Dutch apple, homemade blueberry, cheesecake, Boston creme, and six or seven others.  It was wonderful!  And, yes, I am a diabetic and have to watch my sweets, but that didn't stop me from having a few slivers of slices of several of the pies.  At the end of the party, we crowned a Pi King/Queen.  The favorites were the banana cream and the blueberry.  By show of applause, the blueberry won, and in a touching and memorable ceremony, Anne was crowned the Pi Queen.

In the meantime, Miss K had brought Mary down to the party in order to meet me.  The problem soon became obvious:  She was avoiding me.  She wouldn't even look my way.  She talked to many people, but wouldn't come near me.  I finally gave up and went back upstairs to my office.  I talked to Miss K later, after Mary left, and she said Mary was very shy, especially with so many other people around.  I mentioned that I didn't think she was interested after finally seeing me up close.  Miss K said that wasn't true.  I think otherwise.

Because I've been burned so many times, I like to do my homework about the women I might want to date, and there is a wealth of information online.  I immediately found Mary's Facebook page and found, prominently displayed, a picture of her and HER BOYFRIEND!  Further research showed that they had been dating for over 5 years!  They were "in a relationship" with each other, according to Facebook.  So what the heck?  Clearly she is playing the field, and after showing Miss K what I found, Miss K was incredulous.  She claims she had no idea.  As usual, my luck held true, and it wasn't meant to be.  Oh, well.  She was too young, anyway.

Happy Pi Day, everyone, even if it was last week.

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