Thursday, March 6, 2014

Guest Blog: Carl The Crow And Some Other Things

Last night, I made a deal with my daughter and allowed her the opportunity to do a guest blog for tonight.  Here is what she wrote:
Hello! I am Melody. I am Eric's daughter. My dad agreed to let me do a guest blog that is about our favorite computer character: Carl the crow. The following link is the link to the person who made Carl's YouTube channel, SplashKittyArtist: And here is Carl: and 
I do hope you enjoy.
Carl is awesome, and my dad REALLY thinks so, too (not really, he just thinks Carl is annoying).
Last night, my dad pointed at the clock and said, "Time for bed." No. Carl doesn't like bedtime. So I said, "Carl. He doesn't like bedtimes." But I went up anyway. 
Writing a blog about a made up character is really hard. So, I am going to have my dad name this blog "Guest Blog, Carl, and Some Other Things".
The "Some Other Things" part of this guest blog is that I just want to say, I really hope you enjoy my dad's blog! I watch him every night, typing for your entertainment, and typing to inform you of our life, I guess.
This is the shortest guest blog I have ever done, if I've ever done one at all! So, I'm going to let my dad take over now. Have a good night, everyone!

And that's all she wrote.  If demand warrants, we'll have a sequel.  I didn't expect her to write about Carl.  She's correct:  I'm not a fan.  He IS annoying.  I'm disturbed that my daughter feels that she needs to share him with you.  Millions of topics to choose from, and we get Carl.  10 year olds.... almost a teen, yet so far.

Well, thanks, Melody.  Next time, let's pick out a subject that has a little more appeal. :-)

Have a great evening, everyone!


  1. Hi Melody!

    I'm going to try to leave a comment for you. Sometimes I can't get comments to go through on your Dad's blog.

    I gotta agree with your Dad on Carl the Crow! I am definitely going to make sure my 12 year old son doesn't discover that. His favorite is Tobuscus - here's one of the videos he likes: If you make your Dad watch it he will sing it all day! We also like to watch prank videos at my house.

    By the way, if you punctuated that blog entry by yourself, you did a great job for a 12 year old.

    Nice to hear from you!

    1. Melody says:

      Thank you for the nice comment! I made my dad watch it... He didn't care for it though. But I did! "Did you know that cashews come from a fruit?!?!?" I hope to do more guest blogs in the future! Thanks again! -Melody

      Eric says:

      I'm sorry about the comments issue. I had to turn on comment moderation some time ago due to the amount of spam I was getting, but you're not the first person to tell me they had problems getting comments to go through. I'm really sorry.

      Thanks for the nice comments. It made Melody's day!


  2. Eric- No problem on either count.

    Melody- And the freaky thing is, cashews really *do* come from a fruit. We looked it up. Who knew?! That blew my mind.