Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Few Blog Favorites

I was looking over my list of blogs I like to read and noticed just how many are there.  In fact, there are many more than I can read on a daily basis, though, fortunately, not all of them are updated daily.  But I do try to read each and every one of them.  That said, I also have a few favorites, and I'd like to highlight several that you really ought to check out, depending on your interests.  So, in no particular order....

  • Rules For Our Future Kids ( - What a great idea!  The author writes each entry as advice for his future children.  Not only is there some really great advice, but it's pretty funny, too.  Some of my favorite entries include Number 36 - Never honk your horn or give the finger while driving (I won't give away the rest of this one, but let's just say you never know who you might offend), and Number 19 - Chivalry is not dead.
  • Dad Matters...A Blog For Dads, by Dads ( - Connected with Focus On The Family, Dad Matters... is full of great ideas and advice and stories written by Dads stressing the importance of the father in a family, something near and dear to my heart, since, well....I'm a dad.
  • Real Log Style ( - I love log homes.  For several years, I've been planning and thinking about my retirement home.  While I'm still a ways away from retiring, I like having a plan to look forward to.  So I read a lot about log homes, looking over floor plans and thinking about what features I want.  Real Log Style provides a lot of great ideas and fantastic pictures of various log homes.  They're pretty awesome!  I fell in love with log homes about 13 years ago, when my wife and I took a trip to the Smokies in Tennessee, and we stopped at a log cabin company that had a model home just off the main road.  I'd never walked through a log home before, and after that, I was hooked.  So my plan is to have a home built when I retire, somewhere in the mountains on a small plot of land, hopefully with a view.
  • Theme Park Insider ( - I love roller coasters!  My daughter and I have made it our practice to visit as many amusement parks and ride as many roller coasters as we can.  This year alone, we've been on about two dozen coasters, and we have at least two more park visits over the next several months.  Theme Park Insider keeps us in the loop on new coasters being built, coasters being retired, and other info about the parks themselves.  It's a great site.
  • Roadside America ( - I love road trips, and there are thousands of things to see throughout this wonderfully huge country we live in.  I particularly find nostalgia in history, and I love visiting places that have a lot of it.  I also love kitschy stuff, and I've been known to stop at roadside attractions like Wall Drug Store in South Dakota.  Roadside America has listings for all of these places, and has been an invaluable source whenever I plan a road trip.  It's amazing what is out there.  America... What a country!
  • I love reading about old and abandoned places, and there are several sites that I really like.  Lost Laurel ( is one of my favorites because it's a local blog and focuses on where I live.  It has some great pictures and stories about Laurel's history.  Deserted Places ( has more of an international slant, and is no less interesting.  The latest post focuses on the 2004 Summer Olympic sites in Athens, Greece, that have been abandoned and left to decay.  It's sad, but fascinating.  And, finally, Used To Be A Pizza Hut ( is just flat-out hilarious.  It has pictures of buildings that very obviously used to be Pizza Huts, and are now being used for other functions.  The writing is witty, and it's just a fun site.
  • One more, though I could go on and on... Rediscover The '80s ( - If you grew up during the '80s, you'll love this site, which focuses on the pop culture of the pop culture decade.  It's a fun read.
And that's all I'm giving you for tonight.  I'm going to bed.  Have a great evening, everyone!  And, please, share your blogs with me.  If you have a favorite, I'll check it out, and if I like it, I'll add it to my list.  Thanks!

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