Friday, August 22, 2014


My daughter, Melody, and I are spending the last few days of Summer Vacation at Hershey Park, and we spent today riding lots of great roller coasters. 

All day, I kept calling the coasters by the wrong names, mostly because I'm terrible with names, but also because they all have these cool, aggressive sounding names that begin to sound the same and run together in my head. (My daughter kept asking me all day long if I had the car keys, and my wallet, and my cell phone, and the hotel room key.... How old does she think I am?). Anyway, while we were eating lunch, we started coming up with a bunch of really bad roller coaster names, and we got pretty amused with ourselves.  Amused enough that we wanted to share them here.  And, since it's the modern way to use a hashtag, here are our #FailedCoasterNames:



I started my 5 days of thankfulness a few days ago, but didn't finish due to our little getaway.  So here's an IOU to finish the first chance I get with 9 things I'm thankful for. I have much more than nine, but that will fill out my quota.

Have a great evening, everyone!

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