Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Message From Mom

Shortly after our daughter, Melody, was born, Teresa, my wife, wrote the following in Melody's Baby book.  It took on greater significance when Teresa left this world on April 19, 2004.  I'm so happy that Teresa was able to be a mom, even if it was only for five months.  She loved her little Melody so much.

Dear Melody Grace,

I hope you will choose to be a Christian early in life.  In this one wish, I cover all things a parent wants for her child.  I want you to be happy.  As a Christian, even if you have sad times, you will always have access to joy.  I want you to have an easy life -- As a Christian, even if you have trouble (when you have trouble), you can have great peace.  I want you to make wonderful choices, of a loving husband and fulfilling career -- as a Christian you will be gifted with great wisdom to make those choices!  May you always feel God's love for you, as well as the love of your father and me.


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