Friday, October 24, 2014

Vote for the Mobbies

Wow!  I am totally blown away!  I was nominated for a Mobbie!  The Mobbies are the awards for Maryland's best blogs and social media accounts.  I was nominated in two different categories:  Best Personal Blog and Best Family Blog.  I am honored and humbled that you, the readers (or at least 2 of you!) nominated my blog.  If you're a blogger, you know that most of us don't write for awards or out of a need for attention.  I write to scratch an itch.  I've been writing Away From The Things of Man since 2008, and I really enjoy it.  It has been a source of therapy for me since the death of my wife, Teresa, and it allows me to share the things I find that are important in my life.  Most importantly, it's a record of the things my daughter and I do together.  I never set out to find lots of readers.  I figured, if it finds an audience, that's just a bonus.  That said, I realize just how valuable it can be for the community as a source of information, and I do enjoy writing it from the perspective of providing a service.  But, mostly, I just like being able to share what's happening.

To whoever nominated me, thank you so much.  It is much appreciated.  My daughter was sooo excited.  She keeps thinking I'm famous....

Check out the list of Mobbies nominations at the Baltimore Sun website.  You may also follow them on Twitter at @the mobbies.  And nominate a few of your favorite HoCo blogs!  The deadline for nominations is 10/31.  Then go back beginning on November 3 and vote for your favorites!  Then, on November 4, go out and vote for real for the things that REALLY matter for your community.  It's your civic duty.

Have a great evening, everyone!

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