Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Another Halloween come and gone....

My daughter, the Pirate!  The PITTSBURGH Pirate!

"Hey, Kids....Comics!  For Halloween!!"  Little Princess:  "No thanks...I'm good with candy."

So we finished the evening with only 10 pieces of candy left, though I lost count of the actual number of kids who came to the door.  It was a moderately high number, though.  My daughter had a decent haul, but not enough for her to binge on and get sick.  We only threw out three pieces of candy, but not because they looked unsafe... they were Laffy Taffy, which is the worst stuff for the teeth.

We finished off the evening with a new tradition:  we watched a "scary" movie.  Our choice for tonight was YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN.  Not really scary as much as it is funny.  The blooper reel is hilarious.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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