Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bucs Lose, Fans Lose

Tonight's game between the San Francisco Giants and Pittsburgh Pirates won't go down in history as the Bucs worst playoff loss ever, but it's still a very bad one for the fans.  Unless there's a miracle in the next half inning, the Pirates season will be over, much earlier than Pirates fans wanted.  Expectations were high, as was the excitement, and this hurts.  It will hurt even more in the morning.  I stated earlier on Twitter that I wasn't sure I could handle two heartbreaking losses in the past four days, but that's exactly what's happened after the Steelers horrible loss on Sunday, and the Pirates tonight.  This is the price one pays for being a sports fan.  Only one team gets to win.

So, thank you, Pirates, for giving me and your fans a wonderful season.  Two straight winning seasons resulting in playoff appearances is a pretty big deal, and is reminiscent of the Pirates teams in 1990 thru 1992, the last time the Pirates had winning playoff seasons.  I'm hopeful the off-season won't be too hard on the fans, knowing that the Pirates ownership won't increase their payroll much, if at all, because they are...well, cheap.  They just don't have the deep pockets necessary and required to be owners of a major sports team in America.  So the team will likely look a bit different next season.  And that's just sad.  Pirates fans deserve better.  I think I'm mourning the changes coming to this team more than the loss they just experienced.  It's going to be a long off-season.

Good night, everyone!

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