Sunday, October 19, 2014

Things I'm Thinking About

Things I'm thinking about...

  • I feel badly about missing my cousin's "re-wedding" this weekend. Jeff is my oldest first cousin, and though he is not a tall man, he is someone I've always looked up to.  He has always put God first in his life, even if it meant sacrificing a career in other fields.  I always thought he and his wife had the perfect marriage, however they had some problems that resulted in divorce.  After almost ten years apart, they realized that they were better together, and so this weekend was their "re-wedding".  Unfortunately, my immediate family had already planned our annual trip to Williamsburg for Busch Gardens Hall-O-Scream, which we've been doing for much of the past 20 years, and the trip was scheduled before we knew about them tying the knot.  So we missed out on seeing them and much of the extended family.  However, we celebrate with them, and ask for God's blessings on them and their marriage.
  • I came across a picture this afternoon of an old flame.  She and I became very close despite the long-distance relationship, and we talked very seriously about marriage.  In fact, she told me, after our first "date", which was really a full weekend together, that she was in love with me.  She had never felt that way about someone before.  Because it was a long-distance relationship (she lived in Oklahoma City, and worked at my organization's offices there), we were only able to see each other when I had business trips to OKC, or when she or I was able to spend some vacation time at one or the other's location.  The thing that hurt us was the distance, but we also had other problems.  While both of us placed God first in the relationship, since we were both marriage minded, we tried to do the right things by entering into couples counseling, probably earlier than we were ready.  The counselor, a Christian, right away discounted my previous marriage as trivial and incorrectly assumed that, since we had been so much younger when we married, we were too immature to have made any correct decisions.  He said my upcoming "new" marriage would be much more important.  It left a very bad taste in my mouth, because I knew he was wrong to discount my first marriage, especially since I was 30 when we got married, and I wasn't some kid.  Anyway, it's all water under the bridge now, but it's sad that much of the problem that we had stemmed from this counselor not allowing me to be "me", and he likely led us down the wrong path.  I still have a lot of anger about the whole thing, especially given how ugly the breakup ended up being.  I really need to just let it go.  In hindsight, though, this was likely God's way of telling me it was not the relationship he wanted for either one of us.  She has since gotten married and continues to live in OKC.  I'm very happy to be here.
  • Today turned into a weird one, with my daughter and I getting up late (after being up so late last night) and realizing we had no food in the house.  We made a run to the McDonald's drive-thru up the street while still in our PJs!  The rest of the day was spent trying to get ourselves ready for the work- and school-week.  I didn't even watch any football.  Late this afternoon, we had to run out to Damascus to get Faithful Pup Scout, who had spent the week with my in-laws at their place.  Scout was very pleased to see us.  She's so set in her ways that she would rather spend the day sitting in our kitchen by herself while we're at school and work, than spend a day lounging on the couch with either my parents or my in-laws at their places.  I guess that's why we call her "Faithful".  She's certainly faithful to her little family.
  • I feel like I just got home, and now, here I am, getting ready for another work-week.  With all of the running, from the trip to OKC last Tuesday, returning home on Friday morning, driving to Williamsburg Friday afternoon, running around Busch Gardens on Friday evening and much of Saturday, then driving all the way home Saturday evening, I'm fairly exhausted.  I could use one more day of rest.  But there's a lot to do at the office, especially after being out of the office all of last week.  So, with that, I'm off to bed.
Have a great evening and a wonderful week, everyone.

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