Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fun On The Farm

Too often I find myself looking ahead too far into the future and I miss out on the here and now.  Today I consciously avoided doing that, and I was rewarded with a fun day with my daughter, Melody.  We started the day slowly.  We were both up before nine, which is actually kind of early for us on the weekend.  We found ourselves relaxing for a little while, which was nice.  I watched a little bit of TV, caught up on the news, took care of a little housekeeping.... Then, after we figured out that today's football games were not going to be enjoyable for us (as Steelers fans), we went out to enjoy the Fall day.

Our first stop was at Montpelier Farms in Upper Marlboro, MD.  This is a really great farm with all of the standard Fall Festival type of activities, namely a corn maze, hayride, pumpkin patch, produce barn, and so much more.  Admission is $10 for adults ($8 for children), but it includes almost everything.

We went to the corn maze first.  It's spread out over seven acres, and it had a spirit of America theme.  We took our time going through it, and I believe we spent about a half hour total inside.  We didn't want to rush through it, but savor it, if that makes any sense.  This one had a bunch of hills, too, which provides a pretty good workout.  After working our way through to the end, we went for a ride on the hayride.  The tractor took us around the perimeter of the cornfield, and right through the middle of the farm.  It gave us a nice overview of all of the activities they have at the farm.  It was really crowded!

After finishing the hayride, we went to the barn to get some seasonal stuff, including a jar of spicy salsa, candy corn, apple cider, and a few other little things.  We wanted to get a bag of apple cider donuts, and some pumpkin bread, but both were almost ten bucks!  That's really my only complaint about this place.  The prices are a little bit high.  Even the salsa was almost $6.

We headed outside with our stuff and immediately we were hit with the aroma of grilled corn still in the cob.  It smelled so great!  Since it was getting close to dinner, we decided to head out.  We drove up the road to Mom & Dad's.  We hadn't seen them in about two weeks, so it was great to see them.

We talked a bit about the upcoming week, which is going to be a bit challenging for us.  We're planning our big annual trip to Williamsburg, VA, for Hall-O-Scream at Busch Gardens, which will include much of our family.  In addition, I have to go to Oklahoma City again for a business trip.  I hate these trips, since it takes me away from my daughter, but I have to go several times each year, and this is the time.

We said good night, and Melody and I went home.  It was a fun day, and a nice way to end the weekend (even if my weekend continues for one more day due to Columbus Day).  I'm so thankful for these opportunities to spend time with my daughter.

Have a great evening, everyone!

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