Sunday, April 14, 2013

Christmas In April

I started some of my Spring cleaning and came across a stash of Christmas gifts I hadn't put away yet.  While I'm enjoying these gifts immensely, I think I can recommend them as great gifts for next year, if you're the sort of person who shops early.  Among the many items were the following:

For the Steelers fans in your life, I can recommend the Troy Polamalu t-shirts, which I believe are only available at his website.  The T is a very soft material, but it's a nice design, with Troy's distinctive hair flowing behind his silhouette.  My father, brother, and I all received one this year.

Another item is one I didn't expect to like:  My Maryland Terrapins Snuggie.  Yeah, it's the stupid looking blanket with arm holes.  It actually does its job very well, though, and doesn't look nearly as dumb when worn like a robe.

These hats may look horrible, but they're actually quite warm.  If you need something to keep your head and ears warm when you're out in a blizzard, give these a shot.  I recommend the Steelers one over the goofy looking Nationals model.

Tuxedo t-shirts may seem a little passe, but they still look good when worn in a group.  I've been wearing mine regularly, always under another shirt.

My daughter decided to buy these great hats for all of the guys in the family.  They were a big hit, and come highly recommended!

It's never too early to start Christmas shopping, so shop early and buy often!  Glad to help!

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