Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Truth In Advertising

Truth in advertising....

"All right, Ladies....get your bids in: 40-something male, father, slightly out of shape, well-aged, graying, sleep deprived, squinty-eyed, hairy; suffers from high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, anxiety, depression, thinning hair, and big feet; well-groomed, snores to beat the band, well-traveled (41 states & counting), road trip & roller coaster enthusiast, Terp, die-hard, highly serious Pittsburgh-centric sports fan, well-paid middle manager/fed who wears a tie to work, still has most of his internal organs, prostate still works, thinks he looks cool, calm, & collected in his 2-seat sports car, likes classic rock, jazz, and hates most modern popular music, lots of tread left on the tires, nice kisser (with references), can cook, slight fear of heights and falling, still has all teeth, frustrated actor/director, and all-around nice guy who only sometimes finishes last; accepting applications now. Don't wait too long, ladies...this one won't last long. Literally."

I'm embracing my faults.

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