Sunday, April 14, 2013

Grace Community

It felt so good to be back at our church, Grace Community, last night.  We've been away too much over the past several weeks, and have missed the...well, the community!  Mark Norman, the lead pastor, delivered a great message on Romans 5, and he and Mitchel Lee continue to lead us with wonderful messages every week.

My wife and I began attending Grace in the Summer of 2003.  We had been looking for a church nearer to our home, having tired of the politics of and long drive to Montrose Baptist in Rockville.  Teresa knew about Grace due to her having taught the pastor's kids at Mt. Hebron High School, where she had taught freshman English and public speaking.  Grace was still meeting in a warehouse area off of Rumsey Road in Columbia.  Knowing by reputation how great the kids program was at Grace, and with Teresa expecting and due to have our daughter in the Fall, we felt like we had found our new church home.

Tragedy struck us the following Spring when Teresa died suddenly after a surprise heart attack at the young age of 31.  Our daughter, Melody, was only 5 months old.  Our new church family at Grace surrounded us with love and helped us pull through a very rough time in my life.  Mark Norman provided wise words of counseling and I am particularly thankful for everything he did for me.

Grace eventually moved into a brand new facility in Fulton, just off of US 29 and Rt. 216, and the church continues to grow.  There are so many activities and groups and interests to be found there, and the children's program is wonderful.  My daughter, now 9 years old, loves both the church school and the awesome Summer camp, Grace Adventures Day Camp.  In fact, the camp has really brought her out of her shell, and I can't thank the young women enough who work at the camp for being such great role models and for taking her under their wings.

There is a very active Men's Ministry at Grace, and I'm thankful to be involved with so many great teachers and role models.

I had spent a number of years leading the drama ministry at several churches I've attended in the past, and felt fortunate to continue with that ministry at Grace.  It isn't nearly as active now as it used to be, however.  I also spent over 10 years in youth ministry, so I can see where I may find myself involved in that ministry at Grace, as well, when Melody reaches that age.

Grace is very large, with so many wonderful people leading so many ministries.  If you're looking for a church to be involved with, I highly recommend you give it a try.  Check out Grace's website (below) and come for a visit.  God is doing great things with the Body of Grace, and I'd love to see you join us.

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