Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Bullet Blog

  • I had a big meeting today in downtown DC, right down the street from the Capitol.  I grew up in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC, but I never really spent much time in DC, so it's always a bit of a treat to see the major sites, like the Capitol.  If it hadn't been so doggone cold and windy today, I might've taken a few more pictures.
  • It snowed this morning.  I did actually see a few flakes.  But it didn't do much, and our winter still has less snow than any I can remember in the past several years.  My daughter and I love snow, but we're just not getting enough.  That said, my daughter had a two hour delay for school and got to sleep in, which put her in a tremendously great mood. 
  • I got my hair cut today.  It was overdue, as I generally try to get it cut about once each month.  There is a wonderful lady who has been cutting my hair regularly for the past several years.  She works alone at a large shop off of Johns Hopkins Road and US 29 in Laurel/Fulton, near the Applied Physics Lab.  Not only does she trim my hair, but she shaves my nick, trims my beard, and trims my eyebrows.  I'd call that full service.  If you're in Howard County, and you're looking for an independent barber/stylist who knows what she's doing, give her a try.
  • Today was the two year anniversary of my first communication with the wonderful young lady who became my best friend.  Zippy and I had what I would call a unique relationship.  We fit each other like two elementary school kids who had the same lunchbox, and we created a level of sharing and trust that you just don't find without years of investment.  But we had it, and we leaned on each other through some difficult trials.  I'm so appreciative of her support, her advice, and her friendship over the past two years, as it has meant so much to me.  Thanks for being my best friend, Zip!
  • Our God is awesome.

Have a great evening, everyone.

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