Friday, January 5, 2018

Christmas Never Ends

After being home for a few days, sick with a cold, and going stir crazy, I returned to work today.  Daughter Melody had a two hour delay, but she went off to school with her friends.  Faithful Pup Scout remained at home terribly confused as to why everyone left her alone.

When you've been off work for illness reasons, co-workers understandably want to know for sure that you're well enough to be back at work.  You are a pariah until you've been proven otherwise.  Unfortunately, I'm not completely well, and it's very noticeable with my congestion, cough, and heavy bass singing voice.  So I was confined to my office, and no one came to visit with me.  Which was fine, since I had a lot of work on which to catch up, and I really didn't feel well enough to socialize anyway.  Really, I shouldn't have been at work in the first place.

Then I received a text from my daughter.  She was sick, and didn't think she could make it through the rest of the day.  It looked like my day was going to end early.  I quickly arranged for one of my employees to act for me, and my boss cleared me to leave.  I rushed to the school to get Melody, and, aside from a quick trip to the store for supplies through the weekend, we went home and crashed.  We're likely in for a quiet weekend.

It felt good to be out and about, at least for a little while, but it's clear I need a few more days to recover.  God sometimes gives us signs that we need to slow things down, and I need to listen to Him.


It's still looking a lot like Christmas at our house.  We're in no hurry to take down our Christmas decorations.  There is something about having our Christmas Tree still standing, with the lights on, that I find relaxing.  Also, it's just a little too cold outside to think about getting on a ladder and taking down the Christmas lights around the front of the house.  While we don't still turn on the outside lights, the tree is still lighted daily.

We don't like for the Christmas season to end.  It's our favorite time of year, and there is such a build-up to the Big Day, we just don't want it to be over so quickly.  There is still a feeling of celebration through New Years Day, so there is no rush to take everything down, anyway.

And we're still seeing friends and family that we didn't see before Christmas, too.  In fact, there is a group of my wife's friends that we regularly see every year AFTER Christmas, sometimes a couple of months later.  This year, we're scheduled to get together on Sunday, so, if our heath is better, we'll see them and exchange gifts.  Again, it's just nice to extend the season for a few more weeks.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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