Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Snow Days

I'm still recovering from all of the bad news that hit the Pittsburgh sports world over the past several days.  To clarify, I do not live in the Pittsburgh area.  I wasn't even born there, and I've never lived there.  I'm Maryland born and raised.  My father grew up in Western PA, and he raised me to be a Pittsburgh sports fan.  I never had any desire to follow any other teams.  So I get my fanaticism honestly.

But I need something to get my mind off all of the bad news.  And I got just what I needed:  A snow forecast!

I love snow!  This time of year is one of my favorites, though I miss the Christmas season.  For some reason, however, I have always loved the Winter, especially when it snows.  There is a smell in the air when it snows, along with chilly temperatures that, in my mind, create romance.  A walk through the snow with a loved one, followed by  "warming up" in front of the fireplace, or sipping a mug of hot cocoa, is so enjoyable, in my mind.  Where does this feeling come from?

My parents share this love of snow.  My mother, in particular, wants to live in a place where it's cold year-round, if it's feasible.  She also hates the Summer, so I think this only enforces her love of Winter.  Then there's my daughter, who also loves the colder weather and snow.  Is this a genetic thing?

Since December, we've had a little bit of Winter weather, with some light snow actually resulting in cancelled school for many students, and the delays on the days following the snow.  The cold temperatures without snow are not as welcome, as it makes no sense for the weather to be that cold without snow to go with it.

We're due to get a little bit of snow overnight tonight, with an inch or two by morning.  It will be just enough to cause a mess to tomorrow's rush hour, maybe delaying schools, and resulting in a missed opportunity when it comes to snowfall.  Each Winter should have at least one big snowfall, and I'm hopeful we still have one coming.

So my daughter and I are hopeful for some snow tonight, and more than what is being forecast.  Maybe we'll get lucky, but it always seems to be a whole lot less than what is forecast.  We'll see what happens.

Have a great evening, everyone.

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