Friday, January 26, 2018

iPhone Battery

So I'm getting back to normal, slowly but surely, and I actually felt fairly decent today.  I'm still taking it easy with the diet, sticking with bland, tasteless, not-so-great foods (not true....peanut butter and saltines are tasty, as is ginger ale).  I'm sure glad it's Friday.

You may have heard about the Apple iPhone battery issues, and how they intentionally used batteries that were not powerful enough, or some nonsense, and caused the phones to suddenly shutdown.  My daughter had one of these phones.  We put up with it for over a year, wondering if perhaps we got a lemon, or maybe the salesman cheated us and gave us a used, refurbished phone instead of a new one.  I have trust issues,  I guess, but we definitely had a problem.  The news from Apple about this battery issue resolved a lot of that wonder, and we set out to get her phone fixed at our first opportunity.

I read all of the documentation from Apple about how to get a new battery, and the recommendation to make an appointment.  So I did, getting one this afternoon at our local Apple store.  The time and location was exactly what I wanted.  I told me daughter, who had a half-day of school, to back up her phone and be ready when I got home from work.

We went right to the Apple store and were greeted with pandemonium.  The place was mobbed with people, and there was no one really telling us what to do.  I assumed that we needed to go to the desk at the back of the store, having overheard an employee tell another customer to do that, and sign in.  We headed to the back, and waited.  It was still unclear what we needed to do.  After about ten minutes, and no one approaching us, but many people apparently waiting for service, I grabbed an employee who was walking by.  He told me to check in with this guy standing in the middle of the store with an iPad.  I never would've known that's what we were supposed to do.

Anyway, the guy checked us in, which apparently put us in a queue, and we waited at a table for our turn.  Fortunately, we only had to wait another 15 minutes.

"Elvis" quickly did a diagnostic and confirmed what we knew:  My daughter's phone needed a new battery.  Unfortunately, they had none in stock, and it would take 3 to 5 business days for it to come in.  The good news is that we had a warranty and it would be free, and they would call us to let us know when it comes in, and we only had to drop off the phone and it would be fixed as quickly as possible.

So we're getting my girl's phone fixed, finally, and it won't cost us a thing, and I'll have peace of mind knowing that her phone won't die on her at an inopportune time anymore.  That's what a parent needs to hear.

Have a great evening, everyone.


  1. She's pretty lucky! My 6+ battery won't be in until April, and then I make an appointment to get it replaced. Sorry her battery is causing issues; mine is not but I am not about to let an opportunity like this pass me by!

    On another note, I am glad to read that you joined a support group and I hope that it helps you. Best wishes!

  2. Thanks, Leeann. Yes, her battery was bad from the start, and I wish we had taken care of it even earlier. But, fortunately, it will get fixed. Also, since it's a normal iPhone, and not a Plus, the batteries seem to be more plentiful. Thanks again.