Friday, August 30, 2013

Fantasy Football

Missed an opportunity to work on a post for the blog tonight.  I'm a fantasy sports addict and I spent the evening studying and getting ready for my fantasy football league draft, which is taking place on Sunday evening.  Fortunately, my research is much less involved than for fantasy baseball.  Baseball is much harder, with many more players, and daily changes due to games taking place almost every day for six months.  Football uses about half the players and the games are only once each week.  That makes a huge difference.

But I still have to study.  The desire to win is strong.  The stakes are huge.  My competitors in my baseball league are more or less strangers, not people I even know.  Everything takes place online.  But with my football league, we are all family, and though there is no money involved, bragging rights are a big deal.  It doesn't help that our commissioner is my cousin JJ, who had actually made a career in the fantasy football industry.  Check out his website if you get the chance:

Have a great evening, everyone!  Go Steelers!

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