Friday, August 9, 2013

Miscellaneous Random Hodgepodge, Etc.

You probably know by now that I did NOT win the PowerBall lottery jackpot, so I'm back to writing blog entries and not quitting my day job and daydreaming about what could have been.

My daughter came home today after spending the past week with my parents.  I missed her a lot, but I feel like it's good for her to spend some time away from me.  When she's gone, though, I'm the one who has a hard time, and this week was no exception.  I remember a time before I had a child, but I can't remember what I did.  If I could, maybe I'd do it.

Faithful Pup Scout did not come home today, however, and she made sure everyone knew it.  My father was getting ready to bring my daughter home, and Scout, who is staying with them through this weekend, assumed she was coming with them.  She always starts barking as soon as she sees a suitcase, and she has a rather piercing bark that will drive you and your nearest neighbors crazy very quickly.  She was not happy when they left her there, and I imagine she'll leave them a few gifts in the form of a soiled carpet.  She's that kind of dog.  It's a good thing that we love her.

Macy the Hamster DID come home, though, and I still haven't figured out why.  My daughter will be spending next week with my in-laws, and I have a hard time imagining my mother-in-law allowing Macy the Hamster (who looks almost like a rat) to come into her house.  I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be taking care of her, since I will be on a business trip for part of the week.  I think Grandma's going to have a fun visit with my daughter...

I got to talking to one of my employees today about sleep apnea, and he has to use one of those CPAP machines.  It sounds pretty creepy.  Unfortunately, I believe I may be a candidate for one, as it appears I have sleep apnea.  I come from a long line of sleep apnea sufferers.  Both of my grandfathers snored to beat the band, and I remember sharing a bedroom with my Pap and hearing him stop halfway through a snore and several seconds going by before I'd hear the rest of the snore.  That was back before we knew what sleep apnea was.  My wife told me that I do that, too, and that was almost 10 years ago.  Dad and I went to visit my aunt in Pennsylvania last year to go to a Steelers game (back when Dad had season tickets), and he couldn't sleep in the same room with me because my snoring apparently caused the wallpaper to curl, and my aunt, in the bedroom down the hall, said that she was afraid the walls were going to collapse.  I love my wonderful, supportive family.  Anyway, I think I'm going to have to go to one of those sleep study clinics.  I guess I'll have to get some new PJs.

If I DO have to get a CPAP machine, I was told that I would probably have to learn how to sleep all over again.  For example, you can't use the machine if you sleep on your side or stomach, which I do.  There are different kinds of CPAP machines, as well, some of which cover your whole face, some cover just your mouth and nose, and others are just tubes that go into your nose.  With my luck, I'll end up having to use the whole face mask, which I imagine is a lot like wearing a hockey goalie mask.  I'm a pretty light sleeper, so I'm pretty sure that it would drive me crazy.  I can't skate, either.  I'm going to hold out for the football helmet version, since I'm better at football than I am at hockey.

Speaking of movies, I realized I haven't watched a movie in at least a week or so, and I debated with myself whether I might want to watch one tonight.  I'm not a very good debater, so I decided instead to watch a fun episode of ONLY IN AMERICA WITH LARRY THE CABLE GUY.  Larry the Cable Guy can be pretty funny sometimes.  If you don't know who Larry is, he's played by the tow truck from the movie, CARS.  On this episode, he was hanging out with a bunch of folks down in Texas who were trying to catch a chupacabra, which is a blood-sucking cross between a coyote, wolf, and cocker spaniel with mange.  It likes to drink the blood of farm and ranch animals throughout the southwest.  It sounds kind of like a cross between Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney, Jr., for you classic monster movie fans out there.  Anyway, the whole thing is kind of creepy, if true, and reminds me of a small scale Bigfoot, in that, once again, there's a creature running around that no one seems to be able to get a definitive picture of to be able to tell if it's for real or not.  I'm a doubter, though I do remember one night, long before I got married, I was trying to get to sleep when I heard some noises outside my bedroom window.  If I slept on the 2nd floor, I might be concerned, but since I slept in the basement, this wasn't so unusual.  I shuddered under the covers for a few minutes, then heard the sounds again.  I finally got up the nerve to look out the window and there he was!!!  It was my 6' 6" little brother, and he was wearing his size 18 steel tow work boots.  It's easy to see why I might confuse him with a Bigfoot, or even the Frankenstein Monster.  I never did figure out what he was doing outside my window at 10 p.m. at night.  It was well past his bedtime.

Speaking of tired, it's past someone's bedtime.  I better get ready for bed.  I guess my daughter should, too.  I hope you all sleep well.  Don't let the chupacabras get you!

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