Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ocean City Getaway

With school getting ready to start tomorrow, my little girl and I decided we needed to plan one more getaway to finish off our summer in style.  We headed east to Ocean City on Wednesday, staying at our favorite Sleep Inn on 1st Street at Baltimore Avenue, just a block from the Boardwalk.  We got the best room in the place, room 409, which is on the top floor and has a wraparound deck with views of both the ocean and the bay.  After settling in, we took a walk down the Boardwalk to soak in the atmosphere, then grabbed some dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, the Dough Roller.  After getting some ice cream at Dumser's, we returned to our room and crashed for the night.

The next day, we went to the beach.  My daughter loves the beach!  We spent most of the day getting some sun, collecting shells, and enjoying the waves.  At one point, a particularly big wave crashed into us.  I had hold of both of Melody's hands, and she went down as the wave plowed her over.  I tried to keep my balance without letting go of Melody's hands, but I couldn't stay up.  I went over, face first, into the water.  My big toe on my left foot was deep in the sand as I fell, and twisted awkwardly.  I also skinned my knee on the rocky, shell covered ground.  I felt a shot of pain in my toe and got to my feet, limping back onshore.  Melody started to panic when she saw my bloody knee, thinking that was why I was limping.  Melody was fine, and she helped me back to our towels on the beach.  I sat down to assess the damage.  My toe was in poor shape.  My knee was fine, just bloody.  We gathered our stuff together and worked our way back to the hotel.

After cleaning up and verifying that my toe was not going to be a problem if I walked on it (and wearing shoes seemed to help a lot), we went back out to get dinner.  As is a tradition for us, we went to a seafood buffet, this time going to Phillip's.  It was a great meal, and we tried a lot of things we don't normally tray.  The seafood lasagna was a bit too fishy, and the shark fillets didn't have a lot of flavor, but the crab imperial was excellent.  After stuffing ourselves, we tried some dessert.  Melody had grapes, surprisingly, and I tried the bread pudding, which was great, if a little too sweet.  Then it was off to play some miniature golf and cruise up to Delaware and back before heading back to our room to crash for the night.

We slept in kind of late the next morning, so our breakfast was more of a brunch.  We went to the Decatur Diner in West Ocean City, with the hope of spending most of the day at Assateague Island.  It was threatening to rain, though, so we went back to the Boardwalk and spent the afternoon there instead.  Most of the time was spent riding Trimper's carnival rides, which was fun.  We toured Ripley's Believe It Or Not, which was fun.  Then we toured the Life Saving Station down near the inlet, which was educational.  We had a good time.  We jumped on the tram and rode up to the Dough Roller for another nice dinner there.  While eating, the rains came.  The restaurant got very crowded with folks trying to get out of the rain, and we were thankful we already had a table.  The rain quit, fortunately, before we finished, so we headed back to the hotel and we crashed for the night.

Saturday, we got up early and once more went to Dough Roller for breakfast, before coming back to pack and check out.  We then went hunting for souvenirs at the Boardwalk, then hit the road up the coast.  We decided to try Grotto Pizza for lunch.  Melody loved her pizza, but mine tasted only so-so.  It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great.  Melody wanted one more round of mini golf, so we found one.  She was very competitive and wanted to beat me in the worst way, and I ended up having a bad round.  She beat me by 4 strokes, and she felt like the champion of the world.  We made one more stop, this time at Dumser's for one more ice cream, then we headed home.

While crossing the bridge, we decided to stop at Sandy Point State Park to see the lighthouse at the site that my wife and I were engaged.  Then we arrived home.  We are so thankful to be home, and for God's safety, health, and happiness throughout our trip.  We had a great time.

Have a great evening, everyone!

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