Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hallucinogenic Nightmarish Runaway Trains

Some days you've got, and some you don't.  I was having a fairly productive day at work (let's face it:  EVERY day is productive!) yesterday when, during a late morning meeting, I suddenly began feeling dizzy and uncomfortable.  It felt similar to low-sugar "attacks" I've had on occasion due to my type 2 diabetes.  I felt hot, shaky, and began to sweat.  I hadn't eaten anything unusual that morning, and in fact I had eaten a bowl of oatmeal just a couple of hours prior to the meeting.  I went to the vending machine and got some candy, and slowly ate over the next hour.  I didn't feel any better, and I finally decided I just wanted to go home and lay down.  I wrapped up my office duties, handed off my responsibilities and meetings to one of my employees, alerted my boss, and headed home.  I put the top down on my car for the ride home for the cool air, which felt great and refreshing.

I got home and immediately took a nap.  I awoke in time to pick up my daughter from school, but we continued to have a quiet evening at home.  Unfortunately, I didn't feel any better.  I decided to go to bed earlier than normal hoping to feel better this morning.  I awoke feeling worse.  I checked in at work and decided to take a day of sick leave.  I didn't have much scheduled, and found out one of my big meetings was canceled, so I wouldn't miss much.  I stayed in touch with the office via remote email for much of the morning, and actually got a few things completed, but I also was able to sleep on and off all day.  That helped a lot, though because I wasn't feeling well, I kept having those hallucinogenic nightmarish-type dreams that seem to haunt me when I'm sick.  At one point, I was dreaming about a runaway train that I was trying to stop.  Whew.  I was saved by my alarm, which was set to coincide with picking up my daughter from school.  I was feeling so bad by this time, that I texted her, asking if she was okay walking home with her friends.  She said she was, and I immediately fell asleep again.  The sound of the front door opening 15 minutes later woke me up.  She was home safely.

While she did her homework, I snoozed again.  It was a hectic nap.  I just couldn't get comfortable and certainly wasn't sleeping deeply enough for it to be helpful.  I didn't feel like cooking dinner, so I ordered some Papa John's pizza for my daughter.  Thank goodness for delivery.

One thing I was able to do off-and-on today was knock out a couple of episodes of the excellent THE ROOSEVELTS:  AN INTIMATE HISTORY, Ken Burns excellent documentary about Teddy, Franklin, and Eleanor Roosevelt.  If you haven't been watching it, it's very well done.

So I've already decided not to go in to work tomorrow.  I'm going to try to get an appointment with my doctor.  It feels like a stomach bug of some sort, so I'm hoping it isn't anything more complicated.  I'd prefer getting another day of rest, even if I still have to battle hallucinogenic, nightmarish runaway trains.

Have a nice evening, everyone.

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