Monday, September 29, 2014

The Ghost Walk in Historic Savage Mill

My daughter, Melody, and I went to the "Ghost Walks in Historic Savage Mill" on Saturday evening.  We wanted to get into the "spirit" of Halloween, and with Savage Mill literally just down the street from where we live, it sounded like something we might enjoy and have fun doing.

Marty, who was our tour guide and looked very dapper in his top hat and long coat (and he must get awfully warm when the weather hasn't quite reached into the typical Fall temps, as was the case Saturday evening), provided our group of about a dozen people with a nice history of Savage Mill to start, then he led us on a fun tour of the buildings and grounds, stopping periodically to tell a story involving a spirit or ghost of a historic figure who was wrongly killed and who still haunts the place.  Some of the stories were kind of eerie, some were humorous, and a few were even a little bit scary, but none were enough to frighten us.

When we went outside, Marty told us about the building in the picture above, that used to have a bell in the tower that was used to signal when the mill was open.  The bell has long since been moved, and is currently residing in the belfry of the Methodist Church a few blocks away.  That hasn't stopped many people from hearing a bell ringing in the tower.

The above picture shows a loft in another building where a gentleman hanged himself, and it is said that one can sometimes see a body hanging from a noose through the window.

Marty told another story about a spirit who haunted a computer in this, the postmaster's office.  Interestingly, one of the overhead lights in this large room kept flickering on and off.  Marty told us it has been rewired once, but it still flickers.

Marty is a great storyteller, and we enjoyed his tales.  He used Melody as a guinea pig for one particular tale by having her run up and down a flight of stairs that the ghost of a young girl likes to haunt by tripping people on the staircase.  Melody didn't fall, fortunately, which prompted Marty to say that the spirit must like Melody.

Marty told us after the tour that he also does ghost walks in Historic Ellicott City.  The website where we purchased the tickets (Ghost Walk) noted that tour guides appreciate gratuities, but it was disappointing to see that very few gave him a tip.

It really was quite fun.  I'm a complete skeptic regarding ghosts, though I know there are things on our world that can't be explained.  Unless I experience something myself, I have a hard time believing in the existence of ghosts.  As a Christ-follower, however, I know there are some things on our world that just can't be explained without faith.  I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

We didn't do it this time, but after the tour, you can't beat a great meal at the Ram's Head Tavern here at Savage Mill.  They have wonderful food and great ambience.  And many times on Sunday mornings, they have a live jazz band playing during their brunch.  But not late on a Saturday night, when ghost hunting occurs....

If you want a fun evening, especially as we enter into the Halloween season, the Ghost Walk at Savage Mill is entertaining and recommended.  Check it out!

Have a great evening, everyone!

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