Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Lab-r Day

Happy Lab-r Day!  I h-pe y-u're enj-ying a day -ff!  I'm taking it easy t-day, and while typing up the bl-g,  I decided t- give the 15th letter -f the alphabet the day -ff (y-u pr-bably can guess which letter that is...).  Anyway...

I w-ke up nice and early thanks t- Faithful Pup Sc-ut, wh- decided she needed t- g- -utside at 6:30 a.m.  There was n- chance I was getting any m-re sleep after that.  I had asked Sweet Daughter Mel-dy if she wanted t- g- -ut f-r breakfast this m-rning, but she didn't get up until 9:30.  We quickly g-t ready and headed t- -ne  -f -ur fav-rites:  Eggspectation.  G--d g-lly, Miss M-lly!  It was really cr-wded!  When we checked in at the h-stess stand, they t-ld us it was a -ne h-ur wait!  We decided that wasn't g-ing t- w-rk for us.  We went t- B-b Evan's, instead.  They had -nly a 5 minute wait.

H-wever, -nce seated, we f-und -ut that they were understaffed and -vercr-wded.  The y-ung lady wh- was designated as -ur server didn't seem t- have her heart in her w-rk.  She reluctantly t--k -ur -rder, which was fairly simple.  Mel-dy g-t the ch-c-late chip pancakes, and I g-t the B.E. Fit Breakfast, which included scrambled "egg lites" and cranberry h-tcakes.  I wanted c-ffee, t--, and Mel-dy wanted milk.  It t--k a while f-r the beverages t- arrive, and it became -bvi-us that there were pe-ple ar-und us wh- weren't happy, including the server.  We arrived at 11 a.m., and the f--d arrived at -ur table at 11:45.  That is n-t what y-u expect fr-m B-b Evans.  Anyway, we ate and we left as s--n as we c-uld.

After a little bit -f necessary sh-pping, we came h-me.  Later, we plan t- g- t- my parent's t- visit f-r a little while.  The rain and h-t weather means n- c--k-ut, but we're getting pizza, instead.  It will be fun, I'm sure.

Enj-y y-ur Lab-r Day!

Have a great day, every-ne!

Here we g-, Steelers, here we g-!

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